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طرابلس — Tripoli

Also known as: Tripoli.

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14 Section with their workshop truck outside Tripoli, March 1943 3 NZ General Hospital in the Polyclinic area at Bari. The key to the numbers is: 1. Medical Stores Depot. 2. Tripoli Block (Surgical). 3. Staff quarters (officers, NCOs, and men). 4. Beirut Block (Medical). 5. Helmieh House (Sisters and WAACs). 6. Entrance. 7. Indian General Hospital. 8. British Depot Medical Stores. 9. 98 British General Hospital Advance to Tripoli A New Zealand battalion approaches the saluting base on an Eighth Army church parade in Tripoli Another C Company meal as men wait to enter Tripoli A WARD OF 3 NZ GENERAL HOSPITAL — Suani Ben Adem, Tripoli black and white photograph of army officers Black and white photograph of army officers black and white photograph of soldiers playing rugby Bren carriers outside the Benito Gate at Tripoli Captured German staff car, retained by the Divisional Cavalry, bogged down on the Homs–Tripoli road C Company watersiders at Tripoli Entering Tripoli Entering Tripoli. Four Maori soldiers share a tin of bully beef; (below) Maori anti-tank gunners drive through an avenue of bluegums HOSPITAL STAFF near Tripoli Inspection of 2 NZ Division, Tripoli, February 1943 – General Montgomery, Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill, General Freyberg Light Section 1 NZ CCS disperses for the night on the way to Tripoli Map of Cyrenaica and Tripolitania New Zealand sappers make friends with an Italian family on the way to Tripoli Nofilia to Tripoli Nofilia to Tripoli showing Medical Units, 2 January – 21 February 1943 NZASC marching past Mr Churchill at Castel Benito, near Tripoli Patients and staff gather for open-air concert at 3 NZ General Hospital, Suani Ben Adem, Tripoli The New Zealand Division parades for Mr Churchill at Tripoli The parade for Mr Churchill at Tripoli: 5th Field guns The Regiment's Bren carriers pass the saluting base at Tripoli, 4 February 1943 The Spanish Mole at Tripoli under repair, January 1943 Tripoli cookhouse Tripoli to Medenine WHAT THEY SAW — Enemy transport on the Tripoli-Benghazi road


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