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Tebaga Gap

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8 Armoured Brigade Sherman tank moving through B Company on 26 March 1943 at Tebaga Gap A 1 Armoured Division tank moves past a New Zealand medical unit on its way to the Tebaga Gap A 6-pounder in action in the Tebaga Gap Aerial mosaic showing the dispositions at Tebaga Gap between 21 and 29 March 1943 German prisoners at Tebaga Gap HQ B Company after the battle of Tebaga Gap —the gun is a German 75 mm New Zealand Corps on the left hook to Tebaga Gap—as seen by the Divisional Cavalry advanced guard Operation SUPPERCHARGE: an aerial mosaic of the Tebaga Gap Point 201, the feature in the centre, was taken by 25 and 26 Battalions as the first phase of the breakthrough at Tebaga Gap Soft sand on the route to the Tebaga Gap Stretcher bearers carry wounded to an ambulance plane near Tebaga Gap Tebaga Gap, 26–27 March 1943 The Breakthrough at Tebaga Gap Wounded from Tebaga Gap being loaded into an air ambulance


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