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Maadi Camp

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20 Battalion arrives at Maadi Camp, Februay 1940 2 Echelon Records Section, Maadi Camp, December 1943 A 4th Field 18-pounder at Maadi Camp, early 1940 A class at the Artillery Training Depot (the 32nd Field), Maadi Camp. Bombardier T. Galloway is the instructor A ‘Pheasant’ at Maadi Camp—a 17-pounder mounted on a 25-pounder carriage Black and white photograph of army hospital personnel Black and white photograph of medical army officers Camp Hospital and Medical Depot, Maadi Camp, March 1942 Christmas mail at the Maadi Camp Post Office, December 1942 Divisional Headquarters offices, Maadi Camp, 1940 General Freyberg at his desk, Maadi Camp General Sir John Dill, Chief of the Imperial General Staff, visits Maadi Camp. From left: Brigadiers R. Miles and E. Puttick, Generals Freyberg and Dill, Brigadiers J. Hargest and H. E. Barrowclough GOC and DMS 2 NZEF, Maadi Camp, March 1943 – Lieutenant-General Sir Bernard Freyberg, Brigadier K. MacCormick and Colonel W. B. Fisher Maadi Camp, looking towards the Citadel and Cairo The end of a 2000-mile journey. Above: Passing through Maadi township; below: Arriving at Maadi Camp The first mail arrives at Maadi Camp ‘Down the slope like a lot of sheep’—18 Battalion in the desert behind Maadi Camp


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