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القاهرة — Cairo

Also known as: Cairo; مصر.

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[Lent by Major Brunt, W.I.B. — New Zealand Field Artillery passing Bab-el-Hadid, Cairo 2 Company at the Citadel, Cairo Black and white photograph of army officers Cairo-Helwan area CAIRO MAP Christmas parcel mail being sorted at the New Zealand Chief Post Office, Cairo, December 1943 Egypt and the Suez Canal. — This map shows how the troops defending the Suez Canal could have been quickly reinforced from the camps near Cairo FORCES CLUB, CAIRO Helmieh Hospital, Cairo, January 1941. The tents have been given protection from bombing Maadi Camp, looking towards the Citadel and Cairo Marching in Cairo on the United Nations' Day parade, 1943 Reunion dinner, Cairo, 1943 sketch taken from a map on which rommel marked his intended movements towards cairo and the suez canal should he break through at alamein The Desert Road: Cairo to Alexandria The March through Cairo. — The Field Troop of New Zealand Engineers passing Shepheard's Hotel Troops arrive for the opening of the New Zealand Forces Club, Cairo, February 1941


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