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At Galatas, 20 May 1941. From left: lance Green, Bill Ross, — Day, M. C. Guy, Erle Stewart, (not identified) At Galatas: Lt H. W. Wilkinson, Capt J. Feeney, 2 Lt R. W. Foubister, Capt E. L. J. Marshall At the Church, Galatas Bill Carson near Galatas in Crete black and white photograph of hill Bombing south of Galatas as se Germans from the prison. Pink Hill i left British prisoners of war marching back from Sfakia to Galatas, in Crete Composite Battalion, Galatas, 20 May 1941 Divisional Headquarters' exchange at Galatas Galatas GALATAS, 24 MAY GALATAS, 25 May Galatas, 25 May 1941 Galatas, a photograph taken before the battle GALATAS, COMPOSITE BATTALION, 20 MAY Galatas, intended and actual landing areas of 3 Parachute Regimnt, 20 May German parachutists land near Galatas German paratroopers and machine-gunners near Galatas Junkers 52S dropping paratroops, Galatas Lt W. N. Carson, 4 Field Regiment, who commanded a patrol of 4 RMT in the Galatas fighting Mess parade near Galatas Mess queue at Galatas Staff-Sergeant Burghartswieser makes his way into Galatas in the morning after the attack. His eye-witness account is given on pages 11 and 12 THE CHURCH AT GALATAS — German graves in foreground The Gaol, looking towards Galatas—from a German publication, Kreta—Sieg Der Kühnsten Troops returning from Galatas towards Canea. Olive trees on the left gave good shelter Veterans of the battle in Crete are entertained by the people of Galatas during their visit to the island for the memorial service ‘THE GALATAS HEIGHTS’ FROM THE ALIKIANOU-CANEA ROAD LOOKING NORTH-EAST — The feature on the left is Pink Hill, on the right Cemetery Hill. Galatas lies behind the centre feature


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