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طبرق — Tobruk

Also known as: Tobruk.

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2 NZ Field Transfusion Unit collecting blood from donors at Tobruk, November 1942 A group near Tobruk (L. to r.) H. S. Jones, P. E. Coutts, D. C. Ward, F. G. Butt. K. E. May, S. A. Sampson A land mine, Tobruk black and white aerial photograph of Tobruk Bomb and shell damage, Tobruk Ceremonial parade at Baggush before the battle. Note the escarpment in the background, like many another on the way to Tobruk C Section men in Tobruk, 2 December 1941 Desert formation near Tobruk Despatch riders, Tobruk Entry to Tobruk, 1 December 1941 Infantry of the Tobruk garrison advance in the break-out battle Italian cruiser San Giorgio on fire in Tobruk harbour Italian guns near a supply point within the Tobruk defences Lieutenant-Colonel Hartnell of 19 Battalion greets Brigadier Willison of 32 Army Tank Brigade at Ed Duda, the first relief of Tobruk linking up with tobruk, 26 november and night 26-27 november Major-General Scobie confers with his predecessor, Major-General Morshead, on taking command of the Tobruk garrison Major-General von Ravenstein, GOC 21 Panzer Division, in Tobruk after his capture New Zealand infantry and Tobruk tanks. Men of 19 Battalion pass a Matilda of 4 Royal Tanks at Ed Duda after the link-up Other New Zealand vehicles enter Tobruk rommel returns to the tobruk front, 27 november Shell bursting on the escarpment above Tobruk Supply Company Headquarters near Tobruk The move west after Tobruk Tobruk, December 1942 Tobruk Harbour in August 1941 Tobruk splint applied for fracture of femur, 6 MDS, April 1944


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