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Suez Canal

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[Lent by Cant. Saunders. 12th Nel. Reg — Where the Attack came. — This is the part of the Canal where the pontoons were launched. The 12th Nelson Company was holding a line near the fir trees [Lent by Major Brunt, W.I.R. — Trenches on the Canal Bank [Photo by the Author — En route to the Suez Canal. — Tel-el-Kebir is the scene of the famous battle fought by Lord Wolseley in 1882 Egypt and the Suez Canal. — This map shows how the troops defending the Suez Canal could have been quickly reinforced from the camps near Cairo General Auchinleck, C-in-C Middle East, and Major-General Freyberg during exercises on Suez Canal, February 1942 In the Suez Canal Lifting the Pontoons. — The fir trees on our side of the Canal are discernible. The pontoons were sunk by rifle fire. The large holes were made with axes to render the boats unserviceable New Zealand engineers rebuild the pontoon bridge across the Suez Canal, August 1943 Turkish Prisoners captured on the Canal. — This picture, which shows the physique of the Turk, was taken by Lieut. A. E. Forsythe, (12th Nelsons) who was killed on Gallipoli


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