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Sidi Rezegh

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'Shellfire Wadi', near Sidi Rezegh, where New Zealand Medical units and wounded were held captive for eight days, 1941 'sidi rezegh is ours'— morning 27 november 15 Panzer Division bears down on 6 Brigade at Sidi Rezegh, 30 November. In the centre is a Pzkw III 6 Brigade Headquarters at Point 175, near Sidi Rezegh black and white aerial photograph of Tobruk Black and white photograph of group of soldiers B Squadron tank at Bardia. Left to right: A. G. Scott, A. McMahon, R. Stokes, P. Fullerton-Smith. On right: The mosque at Sidi Rezegh Casualties in reception tent of MDS near Sidi Rezegh, November 1941 counter-attack on sidi rezegh, 30 november Enemy shells landing in 6 Brigade's area near Sidi Rezegh GERMAN INFANTRY POSITIONS—from photographs captured near Sidi Rezegh MDS IN A WADI, near Sidi Rezegh — This station was captured and remained in enemy hands for eight days On Sidi Rezegh escarpment, east of the blockhouse Return from Greece: L-Cpl J. Dempsey at Helwan with a Vickers gun he salvaged in Greece—this was used until it was lost in action at Sidi Rezegh Shells landing among transport at Sidi Rezegh Sidi Rezegh, 30 November 1941 Sidi Rezegh, dawn 27 November Sidi Rezegh battlefield Sidi Rezegh mosque. New Zealand graves in the foreground The 'Mosque' at Sidi Rezegh, the tomb of an Arab saint and his son The hospital wadi near Sidi Rezegh after its capture by the Germans The mosque at Sidi Rezegh The Mosque at Sidi Rezegh The New Zealand cemetery at Sidi Rezegh


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