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19 New Zealand Armoured Regiment

Also known as: 19 NZ Battalion; 19 Battalion; 19 Armoured Regiment.

Mentioned in

19 Battalion advance to Ed Duda, night 26–27 November 19 Battalion advancing against Ariete Division on 3 July 1942 19 Battalion moving down towards the beach at Sfakia 19 Battalion transport bombed during the withdrawal from Servia to Molos A 19 Regiment Sherman enters Florence—from Parade A dead paratrooper in 19 Battalion area Black and white map of army routes Black and white photograph of an aerial view Black and white photograph of an inspection From the Senio to the Adige. As 19 Regiment’s squadrons were attached at different times to different brigades, the route shown is approximate only Lt-Col S.F. Hartnell, 19 Battalion (November 1941) Manœuvres with tanks of 19 Armoured Regiment during the spell at Arce One of the first tanks to enter Rimini was this Sherman of 19 Armoured Regiment Some of the guns of Ariete Division captured by the CRA's column and 19 Battalion Tanks of 19 Armoured Regiment and British infantry enter Cassino, 18 May 1944 The original officers of 19 Battalion


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