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First Echelon

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black and white photograph of enlisting recruits First Echelon and AIF convoy in the Indian Ocean, January 1940. The ships are: Nearest line (from left), Otranto, Sobieski; second line, Strathnaver, Strathaird; third line, Orion, Orford, Dunera; fourth line, Empress of Canada, Empress of Japan; fifth line, Orcades, Rangitata; at rear, an escorting cruiser First Echelon convoy in the Indian Ocean First Echelon convoy in the Indian Ocean, January 1940 First Echelon recruits at Hopu Hopu receive their web equipment First Echelon troops on board the Dunera, Lyttelton, 5 January 1940 General Freyberg welcomes the First Echelon at Port Tewfik, 12 February 1940. General Wavell (carrying cane) is behind him and to his left are Mr Anthony Eden and Sir Miles Lampson Visitors' Day, Trentham, before the departure of the First Echelon in January 1940


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