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Αθήνα — Athens

Also known as: Athens; Ἀθῆναι.

Mentioned in

A Company men in Athens watch Italian prisoners from the Albanian front Arriving in Athens Athens from the Acropolis Athens from the Acropolis Athens waves goodbye. A convoy passes through the city during the withdrawal Athens welcomes the New Zealanders A ward in the hospital at Kokkinia, Athens, 1941 B1 of the 6th Field driving through Athens, March 1941 Identity card of E. F. Cooper, a New Zealand who escaped in Greece. He is described as an engineer of Athens Kramer wire abduction frame, prisoner-of-war hospital, Kokkinia, Athens, 1941 New Zealand infantry in Athens Resting on the roadside in Athens; Lt R. M. McLeay, standing (nearest camera) Retreat through Athens — ‘When they waved to us’ —page 90 Welcome in Athens


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