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[Lent by Capt. Boxer, N.Z.M.C. — The Tragedy of the Anzac Wounded. — Men, sick unto death, lying in the scuppers; tired, suffering, uncomplaining men with bloodstained kits and wounds that became septic before Alexandria was reached [Lent by F. W. Randall — Disembarking at Alexandria. — In the foreground is a white “ramp” used for disembarking horses. On the outskirts of the group of soldiers may be noticed two Egyptians endeavouring to “change the money.” [Lent by F. W. Randall — Steaming into Alexandria [Lent by Lieut. Lockyer, W.M.R. — The Wastage of War. — Boots dumped on the wharf at Alexandria after the evacuation A BRITISH DESTROYER HIT BY A BOMB Awaiting embarkation at Alexandria for Italy — — Chaplain W. Te T. Huata on right Black and white photograph of soldiers C and D Company men on the wharf at Alexandria prior to embarking for Italy Divine Service on HMNZSLeander, July 1941Alexandria Embarking at Alexandria for Italy Embarking Horses. — The Otago Mounted Rifles putting horses on board at Alexandria HMAS Nizam, carrying troops from Greece, arrives at Alexandria HMS Leander at anchor at Alexandria in 1941 HMS Neptune coming out of Alexandria. When she was sunk by a mine on 19 December 1941, 150 New Zealanders were drowned Leanders at Divisions, Alexandria, Captain R. H. Bevan inspecting New Zealand troops embark at Alexandria for Italy, October 1943 On the Quay at alexandria — Vehicles, Stores, and a mountain of Hay for the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force Repatriated prisoners of war arriving at Alexandria Return from Crete to Alexandria Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander I. B. Ewart (left) and Surgeon Lieutenant S. A. Struthers on HMS Leander, Alexandria, July 1941 The Desert Road: Cairo to Alexandria The evacuation from Greece—on the Thurland Castle between Crete and Alexandria The Salween disembarks troops at Alexandria


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