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Crusoes of Sunday Island

About the electronic version

Crusoes of Sunday Island

Author: Elsie K. Morton

Creation of machine-readable version: Jason Darwin

Creation of digital images: Jason Darwin

Conversion to TEI.2-conformant markup: Jason Darwin

New Zealand Electronic Text Collection, 2006
Wellington, New Zealand

Publicly accessible


copyright 2006, by Victoria University of Wellington

Extent: ca. 347 kilobytes

Illustrations have been included from the original source.

This text has been made available with the kind permission of the publishers of the New Zealand edtion, Reed Publishing (NZ) Ltd. Any queries regarding this text, and requests for printed versions of this text should be addressed to:

PO Box 34901, Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand

Phone +64 9 441 2960, Fax +64 9 480 4999


All unambiguous end-of-line hyphens have been removed and the trailing part of a word has been joined to the preceding line, except in the case of those words that break over a page.

Some keywords in the header are a local Electronic Text Centre scheme to aid in establishing analytical groupings.