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Letter from John Cawte Beaglehole to his Mother, 17 November 1927

About the electronic version

Letter from John Cawte Beaglehole to his Mother, 17 November 1927

Author: Beaglehole, John Cawte

Creation of machine-readable version: Sanjan Kar

Creation of digital images: Sanjan Kar

Conversion to TEI.2-conformat markup: Sanjan Kar

Publicly accessible


Extent: ca. 25 kilobytes

Illustrations have been included from the original source.


Every effort has been made to preserve the Māori macron using unicode.

Some keywords in the header are a local Electronic Text Collection scheme to aid in establishing analytical groupings.

Revisions to the electronic version

  • 4 November 2004
    Jason Darwin
    General document-wide corrections: changed hyphens to em-dashes; added [orig] tags around all words hyphenated over line-breaks; changed non-monetary fractions to true fractions; specified full expansion for all abbreviations; changed hyphen in numeric ranges to en-dashes; specified supralinear additions where they appear in the text of the letter; ensured all indented paragraphs are tagged [p rend="indent"]. Corrected text on page 1: changed "suck like greetings" to "such like greetings"; changed "Bumford's" to "Bumpus's"; changed "portal order" to "postal order"; changed "So the limit, Auntie will say" to "Go the limit, Auntie! I'll say"; changed "last Monday - When they" to "last Monday — I hear they"; changed "bit if poetry" to "bit of poetry"; Corrected text on page 2: changed "do me & retire" to "do me to retire"; changed "[unclear: Jas]" to "Jas"; changed "Rev Jr. Hale" to "Rev J.E. Hale"; changed "I am at that subject" to "I am on that subject"; changed "like one might" to "like one night"; changed "& Mac next time" to "to Mac next time"; changed "The painting" to "The printing"; changed "Spanish town; I am sorry" to "Spanish tour; I'm sorry"; changed "some of Bernie's cards & Aunts" to "some of Berrie's cards to Aunts"; changed "the designs printed" to "three designs printed". Corrected text on page 3: changed "[unclear: ley]"—Felixstow district appears" to "Trinley-Felixstowe district appear"; changed "list of the" to "list of them"; changed "genuine information" to "general information"; changed "factious nature & seen" to "facetious nature & seem"; changed "thinking and human as" to "thinking and humour &"; changed "out to say" to "out & say"; Corrected text on page 4: changed "half a mond" to "half a mind"; changed "blabes" to "blazes"; changed "exbition" to "edition"; changed "some — thing" to "something"; changed "Hausard (NF.)" to "Hansard (N.Z.)". Corrected text on page 5: changed "letter to the Port" to "letter to the Post"; changed "good of him" to "good to him"; changed "Commentor" to "Council-lor"; changed "aged half—wits" to "aged half-wits"; changed "I sent out another" to "I send out another". Corrected text on page 6: changed "answer for an enquiry" to "answer to an enquiry"; changed "there I should lose" to "then I should lose"; changed "June to." to "June, too."; changed "whirl of lelectures" to "whirl of lectures"; changed "another school" to "another schol"; Corrected text on page 7: changed "here would" to "here world"; changed "pretty babbly" to "pretty battly"; changed "forst — rate liner" to "first-rate Leuen"; changed "an octel" to "an octet"; changed "spring quanlet" to "string quartet"; changed "good choirs are the" to "good choirs here the"; changed "fom days orgy" to "four days orgy"; changed "Armistice might can—cut" to "Armistice night con-cert"; changed "Chopins Funeral March" to "Chopin's Funeral March". Corrected text on page 8: changed "extruicated" to "extricated"; changed "old codgler" to "old codger"; changed "quite the opporite & anything I even" to "quite the opposite of anything I ever"; changed "& read Cel us now praise" to "to read let us now praise"; changed "I you will be" to "I, you will be"; changed "time of swing" to "tune of swing"; changed "Johnny came down & [unclear:ilo]" to "Johnny came down to Hilo"; changed "[unclear: rse] there things though" to "Curse these things though"; changed "got a meal there" to "get a meal there". Corrected text on page 9: changed "since I have left home" to "since I left home"; changed "Farnett's" to "Garnett's"; changed "re — orchestrated" to "re-orchestrated"; changed "Only co[unclear] this time" to "Only 10/6 this time"; changed "which is [unclear]ipe" to "which is tripe"; changed "[unclear]vi Instructions" to "Gov's Instructions"; changed "invitation for" to "invitation to"; changed "Alfred Fe Hopkins'" to "Alfred G Hopkins'"; changed "he seems quite grateful" to "he seemed quite grateful"; changed "Fragie to be hard up" to "Tragic to be hard up"; Corrected text on page 10: changed "spendit on books" to "spend it on books"; changed "birthday presents for Daddy" to "birthday present to Daddy"; changed "face — prints" to "face-prints)"; changed "You half" to "Your half"; changed "After Daddy's [uncleareed" to "After Daddy's screed"; changed "You say that you are astonished" to "You say also that you are astonished"; changed "know when to stay" to "know when to stop"; changed "teh Dentours" to "the Dentons"; changed "not a more" to "not a mere"; changed "getting out with the" to "getting out into the"; changed "some sum" to "some sun". Corrected text on page 11: changed "round for a bib" to "round for a bit"; changed "pubdivision" to "subdivision"; changed "you are too mean to try" to "you're too meanto buy"; changed "the father she gets" to "the fatter she gets"; changed "resemblence of" to "resemblence to"; changed "greetings for ones all" to "greetings to one & all". Corrected text on page 12: changed "horn —rims" to "horn-rims"; changed "price—neg" to "pince-nez"; changed "racked & turn" to "raked & turn".

  • 1 March 2004
    Jamie Norrish
    Altered TEI Header: altered format of XML, fixed respStmts in fileDesc, added extents of electronic and source documents.