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Letter from John Cawte Beaglehole to his Mother, 30th August, 1926

About the electronic version

Letter from John Cawte Beaglehole to his Mother, 30th August, 1926

Author: Beaglehole, John Cawte

Creation of machine-readable version: Tony Morine

Creation of digital images: Teresa Shewry

Conversion to TEI.2-conformant markup: Tony Morine


Publicly accessible


Extent: ca. 17 kilobytes

Illustrations have been included from the original source.


Every effort has been made to preserve the Māori macron using unicode.

Some keywords in the header are a local Electronic Text Collection scheme to aid in establishing analytical groupings.

Revisions to the electronic version

  • 19 November 2004
    Jamie Norrish
    Corrected capitalisation of "tasman" on page 2.

  • 8 September 2004
    Colin Doig
    Added name tags to various names of people/places/organisation/titles.

  • 12 August 2004
    Jason Darwin
    General document-wide corrections: changed hyphens to em-dashes added [orig] tags around all words hyphenated over line-breaks; changed non-monetary fractions to true fractions specified full expansion for all abbreviations changed hyphen in numeric ranges to en-dashes specified supralinear additions where they appear in the text of the letter ensured all indented paragraphs are tagged [p rend="indent"]. Corrected text on page 1: added postscript at top of page 1 added location "S.S. Osterley" at top of page 1 changed "was Newman College" to "was [del status="unremarkable: a] Newman College" changed "peculiar style by a [unclear: kid]" to "peculiar style by a bird" changed "arms at equal length" to "arms an equal length" changed "attractive looking library" to "attractive [add palce="supralinear": looking] library" Corrected text on page 2: changed "stones standing gazing" to "stones standing & gazing" changed "But one" to "[del status=unremarkable: but] one" Corrected text on page 3: changed "course without Fremantle" to "course without having seen Fremantle" changed "have to apologize later, but" to "have to apologise later. But" changed "interesting inbetween" to "interesting in between" changed "wealth of his parisioners" to "wealth of his parishioners" changed "willing conversationalists" to "willing controversialists" changed "interesting in the other ways" to "interesting in other ways" changed "poetry that I've ever seen" to "poetry that I have ever seen" changed "prose & vers" to "prose & verse"

  • 1 March 2004
    Jamie Norrish
    Altered TEI Header: removed incorrect information, altered format of XML, added extent of electronic file, modified note regarding coloured numbers of source document, fixed respStmts in fileDesc.

  • 7 January 2004
    Jamie Norrish
    Added markup for regularised forms and changed spacing of markup. Corrected typo and clarified readings.