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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 42 to 46

Plate 2

Plate 2

Plate 2

Fig. 1 The glandular region of a polyp. Cells packed with acidophil globules line the gastric cavity.

Fig. 2 Longitudinal section of a tentacle. It is capitate, and solid.

Figs. 3, 4 Cross section through a stem at a polyp base. The sections are 10μ apart. No skeletal supporting cup or hydrophore is present. The skeleton is lined with "inner" ectoderm which is continuous with the "outer" ectoderm. co, coelenteron; ect, ectoderm; ect', "outer" ectoderm; ect", "inner" ectoderm; end, endoderm; gl, gland cells; mes, mesoglea; n, nematocysts; sk, skeleton.