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Echinoderms from Southern New Zealand

Amphiura heraldica sp. nov

Amphiura heraldica sp. nov.

Amphiura heraldica sp. nov.

Fig. 5.—Aboral view. Fig. 6.—Adoral view. Fig. 7.—Lateral view of arm-segment.

Figs. 5 and 7 to scale at left; Fig. 6 to scale at right.

Abbreviations: A, adoral plate. D, upper arm-plate. DC, dorso-central primary plate of disc. G, genital cleft. I, primary interradial plate of disc. L, lateral arm-plate. O, oral shield. PL, oral plate. R, primary radial plate of disc. S, radial shield. TE, tentacle-scale. V, lower arm-plate.