Title: Exotic Intruders

Author: Joan Druett

Publication details: Heinemann, 1983, Auckland

Digital publication kindly authorised by: Joan Druett

Part of: New Zealand Texts Collection

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Exotic Intruders

Portrait of Tobias Furneaux

Portrait of Tobias Furneaux

Lieutenant Tobias Furneaux was an excellent seaman, very experienced; he had been second lieutenant on the Dolphin, under Wallis—so he had had previous acquaintance with Cook's famous goat, which went round the world on the Dolphin and then immediately went round again with Cook on his second voyage, without her udder running dry. Furneaux did not enjoy his stint in the Adventure. He was unused to Whitby ships and couldn't get the knack of tacking her. He also found his Captain rather intimidating: never before had he served under a man who was so single-mindedly devoted to cleanliness, vitamin C, good housekeeping and establishing gardens in eccentric places. Furneaux' cook, a certain Mahoney, was no help at all in maintaining this odd regime, falling down on the job to the extent of dropping dead. According to the astronomer Bayly, Mahoney 'died of the Scurvy, he being so indolent and dirtily inclined there was no possibility of making him keep himself clean, or even to come on deck to breathe the fresh air.'