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Samoan Material Culture

Figure 203.—Adz cross sections of types

Figure 203.—Adz cross sections of types.

Figure 203.—Adz cross sections of types.

The plain lines denote grinding and the curves chipping. The relationship between Types 1, 2, and 3 is obvious. Type 3 is merely Type 1 ground on all surfaces as intermediate types have shown but better grinding follows, on better shaping by chipping and the butt receives better attention. Type 4 is Type 3 reversed with the back longitudinal edges distinct (4, a) or ground off (4, b). Type V is a distinct type evidently for the purpose of getting a curved cutting edge. The variation V, b, can be derived from a thin quadrangular adz of Type III but as the front longitudinal edges are deliberately ground off to provide a curved cutting edge, it is classed with Type V. The triangular adzes of Type VI have affinity with the adzes of Type I as pointed out. Type VIII in cross section is Type VII reversed. Type VII is distinct from Type VI.