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Samoan Material Culture

Figure 143.—Feather kilt (titi 'ula), feather attachment

Figure 143.—Feather kilt (titi 'ula), feather attachment.

Figure 143.—Feather kilt (titi 'ula), feather attachment.

The cord is formed into an open overhand knot (1), the quills of three or four feathers are passed through from either side and the knot drawn taut. This is repeated every 0.25 to 0.5 inch along the cord, as shown on the left. An average of 23 knots are made on each of 22 cords. The upper ends of the cords which are free of feathers are plaited into a three-ply braid of single layer bark cloth (lau u'a) a little over an inch apart. The method is the same as in the kilt of fanga i'o.