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Print History Project  >  2000'sLinks to Printer's Websitescopyright 2000's. The computer has impacted on every aspect of the contemporary printing trade. Today, virtually all publication design, pre-press, and print production is mediated and facilitated by the ubiquitous byte. Digital type is everywhere and classics of the hot and cold metal eras have been redesigned for your viewing pleasure. As the trade moves off the page and onto the screen, the world of interactive multimedia has given publishing a new lease on life. This showcase of Wellington printing and design firms demonstrates the innovation and daring befitting New Zealand's capital of culture. Click here! Links to Printers' Websites Pip Adam Garratt PrintChaucer PrintLithoprintBrebner PrintPrintLinkPronto PrintBryce FrancisPride in Print


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Printers and printeries operating in this era:



Conditions of use


1840  -  1880  -  1920  -  1960  -  2000


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