Chris Tse

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Where you will—drink to this

stink of youth & hard summers
    is where I start to test the skin

(stick-footed & unsteady, a mewling frolic)
    appropriate measures ignored

so that I may sit at your side
    spy the full moon in your eye

a porcelain tea cup laid
    with rest in your steady palm

a delicate first sip
    then primal, exultant scull

lower my brassy body
    into your hold (tighter still)

& let you scoop the fresh
    sounds from my mouth

soft under & soft over in your care
    this undeniable mutual core

a gallant, fighting chance
    a clear timbre     of varied

& several utterings
    one full cup for the join

one full cup for all our belated
    tidings     such story, such proof

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