Freya Sadgrove

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Poem About Both Of Us

You have these little nubs of bone
on the tops of your shoulders they always
make me think you are in danger the way
they announce their vulnerability
but you go around anyway you go outside
and I think you are so brave.

There is a piece of your body that
appears when you are sleeping it
is between your spine and shoulder blade
it is a patch of skin that gives a bit
so I can put the side of my face in it
and that’s one of the softest parts of you.

On one side of your face the hairs grow
in a spiral pattern and I always get
especially amazed by their quiet announcement
that says what a piece of nature you are.

The end of your thumb is blunt and
your nail ends before your thumb does
and that is different to what mine
does and I think it’s important
to notice the small ways in which
we may distinguish ourselves
from one another.

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