Adam Stewart

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The Belle #1

I stand at the side of the stage
with a bag of peanuts
                               and all
I can say is, “Here, these peanuts
are for you. I only wish that
they were diamonds.”
All the girls fall for me, even though
              my French is obscene.
For you, I replay the act
here I stand again, at the
                       side of the stage
offering you non-extant diamonds
a bag of peanuts in your hand
                       and all
you can say is that
you can't eat a bag of diamonds.
                       And though I insist
                       that you could buy
                       a whole lot of peanuts
you reply that you already have
                                  a whole lot
right there in your hand.
             I am Fred Astaire
             and my heart just went whoops.
             My French is improving. I want to
             tap-dance my way
                                  into your history.

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