Laura Sims

From POST-

I'm fuel

For felling I'm


In heaven

I'm plastic


Where the melting sun

Only one time

In thousands

Makes of me

What swells

Then subsides


You were always a murmurous forest

But now you are



This slim


As long as

Your body

As brief as your body, it


And gasps

Oil runs over the bones


Let the hot clean stones

Be a wilderness

Filter, let them clatter

Against cave walls

Drink blood

From the glacier, scooped out by hand

Let it quiet the mind

Let the quiet mind quiet the body and then

The quelled body

Disquiets the mind


                                                    The last ferry is

                                                    Drowning its riders

                                                    In dust and in


                                                    Not meant for the dead

In the Winter Garden in the Winter Garden I wander the Winter Garden

                                      with you

Palm trees have risen


And the last




Those are my molecules, stopping the tides


My mind



I like the hollow feeling on the far side of the moon


We chased from the school

A wolf and a she-wolf

Through deep forest aisles through

Opaque cones of smoke


We drew close to something then

We who don't live

On this earth

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