Manon Revuelta


Shoals of mouths bloom into growth. Inside them milk-cusps, small ear-openings, eyelid-rivulets. Their tongue-roots fibrous, forming sponge-like clumps. Functioning as a sieve. Soft mountains of capillaries, convoluted with gaps, then expel the excess fluid.
This wetness collapses as it meets translucent algae. Ripe, brittle droplets, veined with red vegetation, burst open after layered abrasions. Numerous hand-forms emerge from the keratin tubule. They feed on the shallower light and, as it leaks, the silk forms a crust.
Seed-clouds ripple inside the blood. The edges are filled with hollow pores on close examination. These provide a loose, thin casing for the yellower pieces, and prevent them from tangling. The clotted lobules are cloaked in moss, which is eventually peeled away by the shortness of its shadows.

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