Maria Zajkowski

Inside the Whale

‘Get inside the whale,’ says Orwell, – or rather, admit that
you are inside the whale (for you are, of course).
                — Fiona McGregor Strange Museums

On the long train, swallowing your reflection,
we travel in the dark, a woman
in the landscape asks a question,
her horizon opening and closing
with no way to cross. Our hands
curl for this unreachable drama,
this journey to freedom,
but you have it wrong and I have enough
only to fly inside this whale.
Our castle stands at the death of one view
to clarify another, here we crown
ourselves with stone,
raise candles to the surviving frescoes,
the faces and olive leaves,
the isolated loaves.
It’s the blue room that disturbs you,
it’s over and over the parent you can’t escape,
the walls of an old conquest
that has no flag but the rag in your head
that waves its fashion for freedom,
so old hat even in your absurd revolution.

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