Sam Sampson

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Flushed From A Tidal Retreat

                in the deep-freeze we
        will feel no pain
                just go to sleep (as if winter was coming)
                                it is 'asleep'
                        as in Rosei’s dream
        watermarked origami
from the fold                 butter-
        fly logic
                        to be : becalmed
afloat with the telling
        sail said the lullaby
                scissoring         and… captioned

        elevation        commotion and roseate histrionics
to see hills I didn’t even know existed | rain transforming this patch | spring eagles
returning to the same nest | bodies — each in foetal position | suicidal Inuit youth
shackled hand-to-heart…
            quieter moments when fights for food abate
… fog shrouds Snyder lake | a deer fords the main branch | riparian light blinking on a
dark field | the grotto where tradition states Jesus was born,
            after descendants, not everyone believes : believes, fragrant pastures
celebrate love | jaguar dancers torment the mineral kingdom, and the whorls (many
coated) turn … El Niño churns in, disarming | the last war is not over

                under the masked avatar
the body wills its incarnation
        … electrical improvisations
                        the young born miniature adjuncts
                (((collisions beneath the moon)))
        ghost moths generate night skirmishes
shadowing the wall
                they balance at mechanical rest
        a fold: one ghost upon
leverage in memory
                    a rift between
        for instance     try
                to replace
                no need for excavations
        the process gifted
                grown in wild streams

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