James Purtill

Ms K

But we all have our wrong days.
Like I’ve got my shirt
tucked in my panties
and looking out at the CBD
without coffee
I’ll forget the stop
that is three blocks away. 
It’s your basic issues of lifestyle. 
On week nights I take vitamins
and think of my follicles. 
These walls creak too.
How about taking a bus
out to the market gardens
early when the people are awake
with hoes raised up
like they are posing for our photos.
OK, yes the hoes raised up are like an omen too
but those hoes are antique. 
Life gets by. 
This feeling of a potbound heart
rabbits in the lettuce.
That’s stress. 
It comes down to the health of your
spine basically. 
Are you smiling at hoe?
So much more predictable than you think
like we’re made of paper
the only thing going for you is this hot
daddy thing some girls like that
definitely. Head down to the bar
and buy yourself a bottle of whisky 
on a good night the girls there
are the same as me what I’m trying
to explain is how
to unwind. My girlfriends,
we have this thing sometimes,
when we dance like guys and
then a guy starts shaking his hips
and the universe falls apart, you mix whisky
and Coke and if it’s the primo
label, you have it with ice. 
That’s all our gland sweat on the tumblers. 
You don’t have to actually taste the whisky.
What I’m saying is that you can’t expect us to smile
when you’re a sad sack.

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