Kathy McVey

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         They jab the needle in and they say they’re only sucking a small sample of my blood, but they always sneak a chunk of my soul as well. That’s what they’re really after. They set you up for it by giving you things: vaccines from the time when you’re a baby, then drugs that might help you, or saline for hydration after an op, even blood from another person. It’ll be a stranger and they say the stranger’s blood will save your life. All that giving sets you up, so you don’t notice too much when they ask if they can have a sample, that they need to do a blood test. You go along with it. Well I do, anyway. But I think it’s a weird kind of person who’d work in a lab, doing blood tests all day. In my experience, none of them are that good at it, and if you do something all day and you don’t get good at it, there’s usually something wrong, somewhere.

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