Turbine is published annually by the International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and hosted by the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre.

The 2007 issue has been edited and produced by Joan Fleming — who also completed her MA in Creative Writing at the IIML this year and won the Biggs Poetry Scholarship — and Chris Price, with technical support from the staff of the Electronic Text Centre.

With the exception of Hinemoana Baker’s poem ‘Home Birth’, audio files in this issue are sourced from live recordings of the Institute’s annual readings series, Writers on Mondays, with assistance from Robbie Duncan at Braeburn Recording Studio. Thanks to the revision process some of these works have undergone in the course of the year, there may be small variations between the audio files and the printed texts.

Turbine was first published in 2001 by the inaugural editorial and production team of Frankie Samuel, Carolyn Kelly, Anna Hodge (now editor at Auckland University Press), Cath Vidler (now living in Australia, and co-editor of Snorkel, a trans-Tasman literary journal) and US Fulbrighter Ian Finch (currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and working as a copywriter for an arts university). Ian designed the first issue of Turbine, and we’re delighted he was willing to re-design the journal for us in 2007.