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You Are Here

Body’s gallon and a half of blood – he knew
but hadn’t told me yet. Hung right, lurched
over tracks. Said he loved Bartholomew –
flipped, flayed, lugging his skin. The birches
played yes-men, nodded off. Beyond the trees,
a woman tried to teach her dog to sic.
The sound of the jerked choke chain carried
rattle of metal links. Claim dark led our lips
to an undisclosed location. Branches heavy,
fallen on a wire. Some train had an answer
to define absolve, but too far off. See,
we didn’t see the gun-shy stars until much later.
Three gallons, good moon. Good dog, now sit.
He touched his tongue to where my lip was split.
Johanna Aitchison
Michele Amas
Angela Andrews
Sarah Barnett
David Beach
Ken Bolton
Jenny Bornholdt
Rachel Bush
Mary Cresswell
Stephanie De Montalk
Cliff Fell
Tom Fitzsimons
Brian Flaherty
David Geary
Bernadette Hall
Kerry Hines
Andrew Johnston
Therese Lloyd
Iggy McGovern
Mary Macpherson
Dora Malech  
Vana Manasiadis
Emma Neale
Gregory O'Brien
Lucy Orbell
Zach Savich
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Robert Sullivan
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Cath Vidler
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