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Made in Paris

A film crew in the garment district
tries to make it up
to the sound of the whole thing
backfiring –
hoots and shouts, a pizza scooter,
cars whose horns sound mournful all morning
blocked by a truck from China
unloading a costume change.
Paris goes to the movies to see Paris:
the golden zones, a Porsche on the cobbles,
a certain idea containing all others
while ‘Made in Paris’,
made in China,
gleams in the rain behind the scenes –
waiting for the credits,
waiting to take a bow:
Paris misses itself
and this is how.
Johanna Aitchison
Michele Amas
Angela Andrews
Sarah Barnett
David Beach
Ken Bolton
Jenny Bornholdt
Rachel Bush
Mary Cresswell
Stephanie De Montalk
Cliff Fell
Tom Fitzsimons
Brian Flaherty
David Geary
Bernadette Hall
Kerry Hines
Andrew Johnston  
Therese Lloyd
Iggy McGovern
Mary Macpherson
Dora Malech
Vana Manasiadis
Emma Neale
Gregory O'Brien
Lucy Orbell
Zach Savich
Charlotte Simmonds
Marty Smith
Elizabeth Smither
Abby Stewart
Robert Sullivan
Jo Thorpe
Cath Vidler
Louise Wallace
Ashleigh Young

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