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White Tuxedo

The day the aliens came,
I was dressed all in white.
This meant they missed me
with their beam.
My friend Scott, in his red cap, got
pulled upwards slowly.
I watched him with my white hand
across my white eyes, accidentally disguised.
Scott never pointed, never said a thing
but I bet he was wishing
he had bought himself a white tuxedo,
like I had, just the day before.
Johanna Aitchison
Michele Amas
Angela Andrews
Sarah Barnett
David Beach
Ken Bolton
Jenny Bornholdt
Rachel Bush
Mary Cresswell
Stephanie De Montalk
Cliff Fell
Tom Fitzsimons   (audio)
Brian Flaherty
David Geary
Bernadette Hall
Kerry Hines
Andrew Johnston
Therese Lloyd
Iggy McGovern
Mary Macpherson
Dora Malech
Vana Manasiadis
Emma Neale
Gregory O'Brien
Lucy Orbell
Zach Savich
Charlotte Simmonds
Marty Smith
Elizabeth Smither
Abby Stewart
Robert Sullivan
Jo Thorpe
Cath Vidler
Louise Wallace
Ashleigh Young

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