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I meant to have done more

Adam Smith, 1723-1790
My hands are weak
as spectres tonight; so white
they are nearly invisible.
Here is my going,
and still half of Edinburgh
as mad as bees.
Who of you will heed?
And, if I’ll permit myself
a little casting forwards,
how will you heed?
What will be the manner
of your manufacture?
How high will your factories
be, and how dark
their heat?
Oh, I meant to have done
more. Meant to have turned down
the portman’s wage, meant
to have thought
through the wheeling to come,
the cogs that have already begun
to turn.
And here is the French girl in my ear
saying: let be,
hush, let be.
But ho, these hands are fading and
not everything will have its advantage.
Oh, I meant for more to be written;
I meant for all
to be well.
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