Hinemoana Baker

A Prayer for the Hiphopification of Hinemoana Baker
Singer Songwriter

To the ethos
To the ether
To the assembly of the most esteemed
Leaders and wishgranting deities
To those who have gone before me and those who will
Trail after in my dust
I ask that you shower your immaculate
Transcendent wisdom manifesting as countless
Diamonds and pearls in strings long
And short and speaking of shorts I ask
For many tightfitting pairs in satin and leather
That I Hinemoana Baker be a jewel-treasure of
HipHopracy stainless eternal and without hindrance
That the roof be raised up and the lyrical
Trail be blazed up that I be victorious in my coming in and
Breaking up of the place
Liberating beings from the sufferings of
The three worlds rock metal and folk opening
The heavenly doors of
The fortunate era and walking through
Mofo walking through



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