turbine 03
Turbine 03
Hinemoana Baker
James Brown
Kate Camp (audio)
Megan Dunn
Jane England
Ian Finch
Ingrid Horrocks
Chris House
Anna Jackson
Tim Jones
Laura Kroetsch
Kirsten McDougall (audio)
Mary Macpherson
Rick Moody
Naomi O’Connor
Esther Quin
Rossella Riccobono (audio)
Virginia Were
Louise Wrightson
Letter From Iowa

Ian Finch


the Divide, the Valley, the Fault, the Sound

a bird’s territory, now only minutes across

giant hands pull at the gingerbread door

off the record, the variables are off the charts

these locusts wear their skeletons on the outside

a grove of osage orange grows up to be a fence

in the vegetable crisper, her bloodred corsage

step on a crack and break your mother’s heart

a boy has to ask what antagonism means

copper bulls eye the virgin prairie

the genius of the singing saw is lost on the hammer

on a liquor-sticky desk, jars stuffed with arrowheads

rows of men block out the sun in a salute

every shotgun has the same empty expression

buy your tickets for the cornfield maze

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