turbine 03

Editorial Collective

Griet Dierckxsens

Born in Belgium but a professional gypsy by trade, Griet has been living in Asia for the past ten years, combining UN aid work with journalism for various media (print and radio). She did Harry Ricketts’ short fiction course in 2001. In 2003, while completing the MA in Creative Writing she started work on her memoir Almost God. Griet assisted with production of the issue after completing her MA folio.

Abby Letteri

Abby Joslin Letteri is an expatriate American busily digging her toes in the sands of the Wellington coast. Her poems, essays and one lone short story have been published in American literary journals including The Sun and Liberty Hill Poetry Review. She recently completed Harry Rickett’s Creative Nonfiction Workshop, and was a member of Dinah Hawken’s Writing the Landscape Workshop in 2002. She has edited countless non-profit newsletters and corporate reports, but this is the first time she’s edited a literary journal. She likes this much better.

Chris Price

Chris Price edited the print journal Landfall for seven years, and has been coordinator of Writers and Readers Week for the New Zealand International Arts Festival for just over 11 years. Her book of poems, Husk, was published by Auckland University Press in 2002. Her role in this issue of Turbine might loosely be described as that of managing editor.

Fiona Wright

Fiona is a part-time administrator at the International Institute of Modern Letters. Her experience with web publication includes website design and maintenance for the International Institute of Modern Letters and the annual online publication Best New Zealand Poems, and assisting the Turbine 01 and 03 editorial collectives. In another life, she is a law student and one of the assistant editors of VUWLR, the Victoria University of Wellington Law Review. In another life, she once had a 50-word story published.

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