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Paul Hewlett
Underwater World

"Where are you going, daddy?" Christie asked.

He looked up at his family. Mandy was crying now, which happened if you paused too long to let things sink in. He smiled at her, attempting reassurance, causing air to escape at the edges of his mouth.

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Campbell Taylor
The Man

And in the fog that floats between dream and consciousness, the man started to think back to the previous night when he had enjoyed a teasing encounter with an indisputably attractive, and rather more powerful, woman from several floors above his own revered position.

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Erin Adina Opalek

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Tusiata Avia

Things To Do After Tafai gata
My Cousin Sela Thinks About her Death

Hinemoana Baker

Why Won't You Hongi Me?

Cliff Fell

Shakespeare's Horse
The Adulterer Becomes a Roadie for the Clash and Thinks About Sleeping with their Girlfriends

Chris Orsman

At Makara
Ornamental Gorse
A Photograph at Night


Gregory Dally

Lotus Flute

Emily Dobson

five fingers
conversations, held, without touching

Cliff Fell

His Knowing

Janis Freegard

The Continuing Adventures Of Alice Spider: A Selection

James Gardner

Adam and Eve's alleles

Chloe Gordon

The Last
Friend Whose Parents Were Hippies

Paula Harris

a life with a view

Chris House

Picnic At Orakau Memorial

Elizabeth Isichei


Andrew Johnston

Great Aunt

Julie Leibrich

The Safety of Maps
The Genealogist

Anna Livesey

The Virtual Heart

Robert McGonigal

This New Place

Katherine Morice


Bridget Musters

Another Reason Why I'm Not On A Garden Trail

Robin Naylor

Scribble Sky

Nic Newman

Long Weekend

Naomi O'Connor

falling from grace
watching for ice forming

A. E. Rothman


Frances Samuel

Bagel Nights
The Shopgirl

Richard Smith


Catherine Vidler-Smith

love poem
zones brightening

Margaret Vos

Before and After
Electric Silk

Louise Wrightson

Room 612


Jessica Le Bas

After Lunch, Friday

Tracy Farr

Purple Suit, Junkie Lover

Tania Brady

Asylum Seekers

Ragini Gautam

Walled In

Paul Hewlett

Underwater World

Michael Hoseason


Tim Jones

Books In The Trees

Rebecca Lovell-Smith

The Man Who Sold Everything

Campbell Taylor

The Man

Chang Shih Yen

Remembering Grandmother


Erin Adina Opalek


Matt Vickers

Review: 'Within the Kiss' by Charlotte Randall

Zoë Prebble

Review: 'Within the Kiss' by Charlotte Randall

Anna Livesey

Interview with Chris Orsman
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