turbine 02

Turbine 02
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Emily Dobson
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Janis Freegard
James Gardner
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Naomi O'Connor
A. E. Rothman
Frances Samuel
Richard Smith
Catherine Vidler-Smith
Margaret Vos
Louise Wrightson

Catherine Vidler-Smith

Work by this Author:
   love poem
   zones brightening

zones brightening

streetlamps bend and glow, giant dandelions,
a flush of white along the wet road,
cloud stretches, sunlight finds a tear,
rushes down like an obsessed fan,
blood grows, unclenches my head,
air dispenses mouth to mouth for free.
shopfronts, glossed like photos
strung together on a gaze,
colours engorge, jostle for places
in the periphery, glazed faces
make signs of life at me.
birds take chips out of the silence;
the tar taps back my soul, word for word.

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