turbine 02

Turbine 02
Gregory Dally
Emily Dobson
Cliff Fell
Janis Freegard
James Gardner
Chloe Gordon
Paula Harris
Chris House
Elizabeth Isichei
Andrew Johnston
Julie Leibrich
Anna Livesey
Robert McGonigal
Katherine Morice
Bridget Musters
Robin Naylor
Nic Newman
Naomi O'Connor
A. E. Rothman
Frances Samuel
Richard Smith
Catherine Vidler-Smith
Margaret Vos
Louise Wrightson

Robin Naylor

Scribble Sky

Someone's been busy on the blue-screen sky,
cloud doodler, artist, not the graffiti kind.
Part scribbler, part chef, deft with white.
Wide line sweeps zigzags into diminishing
tails of kites, tornadoes,
well laid down on a giant canvas,
one-dimensional scribble.
And over there, neatly placed to the side,
whipped puffs layered with 3D skill, a chef's
touch, a dream in cream.

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