Peter Bland: ‘Locality’ was published in Hunting Elephants, Steele Roberts, 2014

Amy Brown: ‘Orange plastic mug’ was published in Sport 42, 2014

Geoff Cochrane: ‘Equinoctial’ was published in Griffith Review 43, 2014

Kay McKenzie Cooke: ‘sacred days’ from ‘the time the train reached knapdale’ was published in Born to a Red-Headed Woman, Otago University Press, 2014

John Dennison: ‘Lone Kauri (reprise)’ was published in Turbine 14, 2014

Cliff Fell: ‘3’ from ‘L’Anima Verde’ was published in Griffith Review 43, 2014

Rogelio Guedea: ‘VI, XXVIII, XXXI’ was published in Si no te hubieras ido/If only you hadn’t gone, Cold Hub Press, 2014

Dinah Hawken: ‘The uprising’ was published in Griffith Review 43, 2014

Caoilinn Hughes: ‘To the elements’ was published in Gathering Evidence, Victoria University Press, 2014

Kevin Ireland: ‘Big Bounce theory’ was published in Feeding the Birds, Steele Roberts, 2014

Anna Jackson: ‘The photographer’s Olympics’ was published in I, Clodia, and Other Portraits, Auckland University Press, 2014

Michael Jackson: ‘The Idea of Wallace Stevens at Key West’ was published in Midwinter at Walden Pond, Author House, Bloomington, Indiana, 2014

Michele Leggott: ‘matapouri’ was published in Heartland, Auckland University Press, 2014

Owen Marshall: ‘Common Knowledge’ was published in The White Clock, Otago University Press, 2014

Emma Neale: ‘Modern Mary and the Angel of Failure’ was published in JAAM 32, 2014

Gregory O'Brien: ‘The return of Christ to Futuna Chapel’ was published in Tui Motu, June 2014

Peter Olds: ‘The shell’ was published in you fit the description: The Selected Poems of Peter Olds, Cold Hub Press, 2014

Claire Orchard: ‘Early morning on the Sand-walk, Down House 1857’ from ‘Eleven Poems about Charles Darwin’ was published in Sport 42, 2014

Nina Powles: ‘Volcanology’ was published in Girls of the Drift, Seraph Press, 2014

Joanna Preston: ‘Earthrise’ was published in JAAM 32, 2014

Helen Rickerby: ‘Coming of age in New Zealand Film’ was published in Cinema, Mākaro Press 2014

Kerrin P Sharpe: ‘because the horse expected nothing’ was published in There’s a medical name for this, Victoria University Press, 2014

Marty Smith: ‘Agnus Dei’ was published in Horse with Hat, Victoria University Press, 2014

Elizabeth Smither: ‘Putting a line through addresses’ was published in Times Literary Supplement, 28 March 2014

Brian Turner: ‘You Could Say’ was published in takahē 83, 2014

Permissions: Copyright in all the work reprinted in Best New Zealand Poems remains with the author. Requests to reproduce poems on this site should be addressed to the original publisher

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