Selina Tusitala Marsh


For his birthday
the grandson got a book.

Turn to page 11 if
Nana phones to ask if you’re allowed to drive yet

Stay on page 4 if she’s dead.

Turn to page 13 if
your mum packs your bag for a sleep-over at Nana’s (whole-wheat
crackers, home-made hummus, raw almonds) and once there, Nana
gives you $10 to go to the Chinese $2 shop (by yourself) in Avondale
and you buy $8 worth of lollies.

Stay on page 4 if she’s dead.

You wake up to a birthday breakfast. There are blue balloons taped
to all the chairs. There are presents stacked on the table.
There’s a really large oblong parcel wrapped in newspaper.
You read the card.

Turn to page 17 if the card is from your father.
Turn to page 18 if the card is from your Nana.

You unwrap the present.

Turn to page 21 if it is a poster of the All Blacks.
Turn to page 23 if it is a Samurai sword from Avondale Spiders.

Turn to page 30 if you stayed with Nana that last night in hospital.
Stay where you are if you left.

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