Harvey Molloy

Harvey Molloy is a writer who lives in Wellington. His poems have appeared in various journals and magazines, including the New Zealand Listener, Landfall, Poetry New Zealand, JAAM, Snorkel and Takahe. His first collection of poems, Moonshot, was published by Steele Roberts in 2008. He is now working on his second book of poems.

Molloy comments: ‘The poem is about a Lady Gaga-like figure. I kept seeing Lady Gaga’s blank veiled face on the back of Wellington buses. She was on the cover of Mindfood magazine. I was intrigued so I started to read about Gaga and found out about her remarkable Japanese tattoo of a line from Rilke. I kept returning to the Welsh myth of Blodeuwedd: what if Blodeuwedd made herself not out of flowers but out of images? What kind of self-made avatar would that be?’


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