Tom Weston

Tom Weston has published three volumes of poetry over the last twelve years, two in collaboration with painter Joanna Braithwaite.  The poem included here is taken from his most recent collection, Small Humours of Daylight (Steele Roberts), published February 2008.  Weston works from Christchurch as a Queen’s Counsel and also sits as a part-time Judge in the Cook Islands.  He reviews poetry for The Press.

Weston comments: ‘ “Traffic Noise” arose out of experiences in Athens and Istanbul where the car horn appears to be the most significant accessory for any self respecting driver.  Fundamentally, though, the poem is less about its geographical provenance than about communication and language, the car horn standing in for the international tongue.  The cacophony of the poem’s rhythms becomes more obvious when read aloud.’

Poem: Traffic noise


Steele Roberts: Small Humours of Daylight

Steele Roberts: Naming the Mind Like Trees 

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