Johanna Aitchison: ‘Miss Red in Japan’ was published in A Long Girl Ago, Victoria University Press, 2007

Angela Andrews: ‘The Wedding Present’  was published in Echolocation, Victoria University Press, 2007

Serie (Cherie) Barford: ‘Making Starfish’  was published in Tapa Talk, Huia Press, 2007

Sarah Jane Barnett: ‘The Drop Distance’ was published in  Landfall 214, 2007

Jenny Bornholdt: ‘Mrs Winter’s Jump’ was published in Mrs Winter’s Jump, Godwit, Random House, 2007

Alistair Te Ariki Campbell: ‘Tidal’ was published in Just Poetry, HeadworX, 2007

Janet Charman: ‘busy with the short teacher’ was published in Cold Snack, Auckland University Press, 2007

Geoff Cochrane: ‘Chemotherapy’ was published in 84–484, Victoria University Press, 2007

Fiona Farrell: ‘The Way of the Dishes’ was published in The Pop-Up Book of Invasions, Auckland University Press, 2007

Cliff Fell: ‘The M at the End of the Earth’  was published in Hotspot , Elsewhere Press, 2007

Bernadette Hall: ‘Under Erebus’ was published in The Ponies, Victoria University Press, 2007

Anna Jackson: ‘Second Puppet’ was published in Turbine 07, 2007

Andrew Johnston: ‘The Sunflower’ was published in Sol, Victoria University Press, 2007

Anne Kennedy: ‘The Pinkish Wine’ was published in Turbine 07

Jessica Le Bas: ‘and I have something to expiate’ was published in Incognito, Auckland University Press, 2007

Dora Malech: ‘Dreaming in New Zealand’ was published in Turbine 07, 2007

Alice Miller: ‘hope’ was published in Sport 35, 2007

Emma Neale: ‘Kid Gloves’ was published in Painted Poems, Longacre Press, 2007

Vincent O’Sullivan: ‘Blame Vermeer’ was published in Blame Vermeer, Victoria University Press, 2007

Vivienne Plumb: ‘From Darkness to Light’ was published in From Darkness to Light, Kerikeri Mission House/New Zealand Places Historic Trust, 2007

Richard Reeve: ‘Autumn’ was published in JAAM 25, 2007

Elizabeth Smither: ‘Sandwiches’ was published in The Year of Adverbs, Auckland University Press, 2007

C. K. Stead: ‘Into Extra Time’ was published in The Black River, Auckland University Press, 2007

Robert Sullivan: ‘After the UN Rapporteur Supported Maori Customary Rights’ was published in JAAM 24, 2007

Alison Wong: ‘Reflection on a proposal of marriage’ was published in JAAM 25, 2007

Permissions: Copyright in all the work reprinted in Best New Zealand Poems remains with the author. Requests to reproduce poems on this site should be addressed to the original publisher.

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