Karlo Mila

Pulotu Wings

Sun rays down
no one could predict
the colours of that sunset

blushing pink papaya
sliced into perfect
watermelon halves

from the underworld
upwards to the sacred south

strength of Hercules
fleeting wings beating
impossible orange on beautiful black

six nights
by candlelight
a monarch is buried

an insomniac dreams
a black butterfly
midnight flight

mouthfuls of mango skin
shoulders lipped
oystered tongue

dark pearl seeds strung
on ripe peach flesh
she touches the iridescent misshapen teeth

each flawed pearl tear drop
carries a story more enchanting
than anonymous orbed white

of clean slate cream
fallen marbles from a child’s hand

papaya seeds scattered at her throat
she flies back to the underworld
black wings, pearl strings, bent, beautiful

for at the heart of this passionfruit
lies a cavern
of gleaming dark tears

an oyster child is curled in her lap
goodness sleeping in the pale
milk of his glowing skin

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