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First Lessons in Maori

§ 38

§ 38.

Make a sentence without ko when the predicate is either


A common noun (a), an adjective (b), or a verb in the infinitive (c), with the indefinite article he.

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A noun, pronoun, verb, or adjective following a preposition (d).

In both these cases, the verb or adjective is treated as a noun.


He whare pai tera, that is a good house.


He pirau enei kumara, these kumara are rotten.


He hanga i te whare te mahi a Horo, Horo's work is to build the house.


Kei Tauranga a Turi, Turi is at Tauranga.

Mo ratou tena whare, that house is for them.

Hei runga i te puke te whare, let the house be on the hill.