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‘Guardians and Wards’ : (A study of the origins, causes, and the first two years of the Mau in Western Samoa.)



I Manuscript

(a) Official All the files listed below can be found in the National Archives, Wellington, New Zealand.

Series I:
1/7 Garrison: Samoa 1919-20.
8 Legislative Council, 1919-44.
12 Information gained by Dr Pomare 1914-21.
13 Report on Samoan Affairs, Mr Gray 1920-21.
16 Petition from Residents (Dec. 1915)
7/8 Native Dept., Annual and Quarterly Reports.
18 Criticism of the Samoan Administration, 1920-27.
20 Administrator's Malaga, 1920-41.
21 Commission of Inquiry into the Causes of High Prices, 1920-21.
23 Re Prime Minister's Visit, 1921; Governor-General's Visit, 1922, etc.
23/1 Citizens' Meeting re Prime Minister's Visit, 1922.
23/2 Mr Gray's visit to Samoa, 1922.
23/3 Correspondence with Secretary while on Tour, 1921-22.
23/16 Proposed Enquiry into Samoan Affairs, 1930.
23/19 The Lauati Mau, 1908-09 (re German Archieves, copied by Inspector Braisby, 1933.)
27 Information for Prime Minister, 1920-21.
28 Internal Economy, 1921.
29/1 Visit of Minister External Affairs, 1921 etc.page 120
29/2 Press cuttings.
32 Report by Colonel Tate on Administration, 1923.
33 Monthly Dispatches from Administrator, 1923-24.
35 Visit of Administrator to New Zealand.
42 Private Notes by General Richardson on Samoa, 1927.
48/1 Visit to Samoa: Berendson and Verschaffelt, 1933.
49 Visit to Samoa: Berendson and Verschaffelt, 1928.
49/1 Newspaper Comments on Berendson-Verschaffelt.
58) These files contain the numerous (and varied) petitions -
60) From individuals and groups - either to the New Zealand
62) Government or to the League of Nations.
Series II:
1 Re the Administration.
9 Reports on Samoan Affairs, 1919-29.
10 Dr Schultz - Copy of a private diary etc.
(b) Non-Official
1 Handwritten letters from Administrator Richardson to Nixon Westwood. Apia Public Library.
2 Papers and letters on Samoa History, collected by Nixon Westwood. Documents range from private correspondence to government files, reports, and the 1921 Petition to George V. Apia Public Library. (Extremely valuable material).

II Printed

(a) Official
1 Claims Arbitration - Case Presented on Behalf of His Majesty's Government. A copy in Apia Public Library. (This document is page 121 extremely helpful in studying the events of 1898, 1899).
2 British Military Occupation of Samoa, 1915-1924. A Collection of official documents - reprinted mainly by the ‘Samoa Times’. Apia Public Library.
3 British Colonial Policy in Relation to New Zealand 1871–1902. Documents from Colonial Office Papers in the Public Record Office. Transcribed and edited by D. K. Fieldhouse, Dept. of History, Canterbury University, Volume II.
4 Journal of the New Zealand House of Representatives, 1923.
5 New Zealand Statutes, 1921, 1923.
6 New Zealand Parliamentary Debates, Vols. 200 and 201.
7 Papers relating to the South Sea Islands. Presented to Both Houses of the General Assembly, by Command of His Excellency, Wellington, 1874.
8 Report of the Royal Commission, 1927. (This is the most important collection of printed material on the first two years of the Mau, 1926-27. Apart from the Report itself, it contains the evidence brought before the Commission and a large collection of documents).
9 Western Samoa: Reprint of Ordinances and Regulations 1920-1959. Apia Public Library.
(b) Newspapers
1 ‘Samoa Herald’, 1931-1935.
2 ‘Samoa Guardian’, 1929-1934.
3 ‘Samoa Times’, 1915-1930.
4 ‘Samoanische Zeitung’, 1901-1914.
5 ‘Western Samoa Gazette’, N1-94, 1920-1936.
6 ‘Western Samoa Mail’, 1936-1941.

[All the above newspapers are to be found in the Apia Public Library. Valuable clippings of articles written on Samoa by Fijian, Australian, and New Zealand newspapers can be found in the official files mentioned in Section I.]