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War Economy Recipe Book



page 25

Economy Jam.

(No Sugar Required.)

2lbs. stoneless dates, 6 sweet oranges, 3 pints water, 1 lemon.

Grate oranges and lemon finely, removing all pips. Boil with the 3 pints of water until soft. Add chopped dates and boil for a further 20 minutes. Ideal for children’s lunches.

Porridge Crumpets.

Knead cold left-over porridge with sufficient flour to enable you to roll out mixture evenly. Roll to ½ inch thicknesses, cut into rings of required size and fry in hot pan, with a little butter, until golden brown on both sides. When cold split through the middle, toast and butter.

Baked Apples.

Allow 1 large or 2 small apples per person. Wipe, core and fill the centre of the apple with a little honey or syrup and a few raisins or sultanas. Place apples in a tin with a very little water, and bake in a moderate oven until cooked.

page 26


(No Eggs.)

4 tablespoons flour, 2 tablespoons custard powder, 2 teaspoons baking powder.

Mix with milk, add grated apples or sliced bananas, and fry in deep fat a golden brown.

Lemon Honey.

1 lemon, 1 egg, 2ozs. butter, 4ozs. sugar.

Beat butter and sugar, add egg and lemon juice. Steam in a bowl until thick and creamy.

Delicious Savoury.

Cut up one large onion finely and two large apples, stew till tender with a little water, butter, pepper and salt. Turn into a pyrex dish. Pour over 2 beaten eggs, 1 cup milk, ½ cup breadcrumbs, 2ozs. grated cheese. Put few pieces of butter on top and bake in a good oven 30 minutes.

Cheese Crispies

2 tablespoons each of medium oatmeal and grated cheese, 1 tablespoon flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, salt and pepper to taste, and little water. Mix all dry ingredients together, then add water to make to a soft consistency. Drop in spoonfuls into hot fat, shapping them into thick cakes in frying pan. Fry till golden brown on both sides. Serve hot or cold. If served hot sprinkly with cheese and toast under the grill.

page 27

Marrow Honey

Peel and seed and weigh marrow and cook till tender. Streain and mash with fork. To each pound of marrow add grated rind and juice of 2 lemons, 2 ozs. butter and 1lb. sugar. Beat all together and boil for ½ hour.

Parsley Honey.

Put some parsley in a pot and cover with water, bring to boil and boil for ½ hour. Strain through a bag and to each pint of juice add 1lb. sugar and juice of 1 lemon.

A Very Good Home-Made Coffee.

5 cups of bran, 2 cups of treacle.

Put in a piedish and heat in oven, continually stirring. Care must be taken not to leave too long without stirring, as it will burn. Cook till dry—may take an hour—in a moderate oven. When cool put in airtight tin. Similar in flavour to “Instant Postum.”

Suva Pudding.

Soak 4 tablespoons sago in 1 cup milk for 2 hours or more, 1 heaped cup bread crumbs, ½ cup sugar, 1 level cup raisins, 2ozs. butter, 1 small teaspoon soda dissolved in 1 tablespoon milk. Mix all together and steam 3 hours.